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About Casa Nostra Caffe

Located in the heart of Osborne Park, you can find us inside European Concepts and European Ceramics. 

Casa Nostra Caffe started as a concept. After more than 2 years, we can say the concept have grown faster than expected, expanding our horizon.

With great Pasta, Pizza and Patisseries, we put all our love and effort in what we do, providing the italian goods, good energy and full service, creating a perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy our house.


Our people .

We pride ourselves on our culture and vibrance. At Casa Nostra, we prioritise work-life balance and we care about our people. Employees are more than just co-workers, they are family. Passionate about what we do, we work hard on providing a full and unique experience to our customers. What will you get from us? Good jokes, unique stories, vibrant accents and lots of good energy and vibes.

Casa Portraits-3.jpg
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